Anonymous Spouse

In August, 1995 my husband was in a near fatal car accident where he suffered significant brain damage that made him confused and aggressive with practically no short term memory. While in a rehab hospital in Toronto a psychologist referred us to Paradigm because the hospital was doing more harm than good which meant my husband seemed to be getting worse cognitively and behaviorally. The skilled staff at Paradigm took my husband from an out of control, paranoid individual who didn't even know is own wife and kids, to a happy, controllable man who can go for a walk and find his way home.

 Paradigm went into the hospital to assess my husband and put together a measurable, attainable plan in place for him. Paradigm then took my husband into their residential care program and provided further care when he came home. Paradigm didn't give me back my husband but they did give our family peace of mind.

 Incredible support and guidance that no other rehab facility was able to do. I keep in touch with the staff at Paradigm and know that they are always available to my husband regardless of the difficulty.


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