Paradigm Residential’s care model reflects our mission, values and beliefs. We believe that care should be person centred.  What does this mean in residential rehabilitation?

Paradigm residential has no “staff only” environments.  If a home is truly a home, all areas should be and are for everyone.

Our homes have individual bedrooms with no more than 3 clients to a home.  Providing individual living spaces is de-stressing.  Being in a home with others provides a place where one is free to interact and a place with many opportunities to interact with others. Providing individual rooms also provides a place to go for quite time and escape.  In addition, living with others can be stressful, which is why we keep the number of people living together low.  Interaction is available but not overwhelmingly so.

Each person is given their own individual rehabilitation plan (IRP’s) involving the person, their loved ones, the Paradigm team and any other people who are helping the survivor in their recovery.  We can offer the same team from admission to discharge and beyond.  This provides a seamless transition and continuum of care throughout the rehabilitation process.

Individual Rehabilitation Plans (IRPs) will begin with the survivor identifying their goals.  The plan will be developed from that point and will address all of the person’s needs to rebuild their life.


Paradigm Resident Bedroom

Paradigm Residential Den


24 hour support is available to all clients.   Most people enter our residence with 8 hours of 1:1 staff support, some may require more and some less; regardless of the starting point, the goal is for that support to fade.  This is why we employ rehabilitation therapists.  Rehab Therapists are health professionals that place emphasis on building a therapeutic rapport with the client; they develop practical strategies for client’s real life circumstances and integrate clinical direction from one or all of the regulated professionals on the team. 

Paradigm Residential Kitchen


Paradigm Residential Den