Mission, Vision and Values

Philosophy, Mission, Values, Beliefs, Policies

Philosophy –We are all people, and it comes down to asking yourself this question, “where would I want to stay if it were me?”  Brain injury can happen to anyone , ourselves included, at any time and so we ask “how would I want to be treated?”

Mission – our mission is to rebuild lives

Our Values – we value people.  Working with someone to rebuild their lives is a work of art.    With a mosaic you start with glass that is broken, and with brain injury you start a life that has been shattered.  Just as with a mosaic, you restart life with creativity, planning, passion and learning to end up with something beautiful. 

Our Beliefs – we believe in something we like to call “real life” rehabilitation.  Meaningful activities are the springboard for therapy that leads to a positive meaningful life.  We also believe in leading towards the most amount of independence possible for each client.  We like to say that our job is to work ourselves out of job.  While it is our job to assist our client’s in rebuilding their life the ultimate goal is to fade support away. 

Policies – Our policies are central to a person first approach.  How to maintain choice, dignity and safety for our staff, persons we support and their families in areas of safety, care, crisis, confidentiality, consent, community involvement, education, the living environment and outcomes.